Elderberry - Organic 50G

Elderberry is an anti-viral herb used for “the flu” (influenza), H1N1 "swine" flu, HIV/AIDS, and boosting the immune system. It is also used for sinus pain, back and leg pain (sciatica), nerve pain (neuralgia), and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).  Elderberry fruit and flowers have been studied and shown to be a powerful plant ally, preventing viruses from puncturing cells. There is a lot of controversy around this plant right now however, as it has been shown to really engage your "inner army" potentially creating a cytokine storm which means your immune system overreacts, causing more harm than good.  In the case of Covid-19 this could be dangerous ...so Elderberry is great for preventing things from taking hold but if you get sick with Covid-19, stop this blend and move to other options.


Safety: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the CFIA or FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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