250 G 2010 Original Shen PuErh Brick


This smooth drinking sheng/shou Puerh has a good mouth feel and a light fresh taste which morphs into earthy sweetness. Refreshing, energizing creaminess comes out in the third steeping. This brick yields 50 pots of tea with multiple steepings (5-7) per pot.

Pu-erh is China’s famous fermented tea. We age wine, we age scotch but aged tea is new to most Westerners. This tea is unique as it’s one of the few teas to be designated a protected origin tea by the Chinese government. It can be aged from 2 to 40 years and appreciate in value much in the way vintage wine does. This sought after tea is a smooth sipper that produces a sense of calm and thanks to the organisms produced during fermentation, promotes a healthy digestion.

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