2007 100G Puerh Cake - Shou


This round compressed disk of 2007 Puerh tea leaves is pressed in a traditional style consisting of several compressed layers of black Pu Erh. To prepare this tea, break or crumble off the quantity of tea required for infusion (typically 5G per cup) and place it in a teapot or cup. Next, pour freshly boiled water over the tea and rinse once to awaken the tea then steep for no more than 1 minute, first infusion, adding 30 seconds per incremental infusions (you can get 5 or six per use)

During the infusion, the leaves will gradually separate and release their aromas. Like all Pu Erh teas, Qi Zi Bing Cha is characterised by woody, damp notes, reminiscent of moss, undergrowth and earth.

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