Kombucha on Tap

While Kombucha has been around for thousands of years, it has only recently gained popularity with those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

You may be wondering what Kombucha is, and why everyone is talking about it. Kombucha is a strongly brewed tea that is fermented using a colony of bacteria and yeast called a SCOBY. This fermentation creates probiotics that help balance the good and bad bacteria in our stomach.

In China, Kombucha was used during the Tsin Dynasty and known as the “Tea of Immortality”. Today, the elements created in Kombucha are attributed to the following health benefits:

  • Helping the digestive system through probiotics
  • Fighting cancer through glucaric acid
  • Strengthening the immune system through anti-oxidants
  • Weight loss through acetic acid and polyphenols
  • Easing of joint pain and prevention arthritis through glucosamines
  • Detoxifying the body through gluconic acid and probiotics
  • Boosting energy through enzymes and vitamin B

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Source: 7 Reasons To Drink Kombucha Every Day, by Dr. Axe
Nutrition information from different sources may vary.


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